August 4th, 2016


– ‘A Modern Place’ Volume 1: Ouroboros Obligatory. 8×10, 20 page, full color, screenprinted book/zine/comic. edition: 250. book release at Brickbat Books 9/6 – 7-9pm, w/ local artists – Meghan Turbitt, Beth Heinly, Jason Killinger, Pat Aulisio, & Bland Magazine.
– Book signing/release – NYArtBookFair – Desert Island Booth – 1pm – 9/18

July 5, 2016

– Steve Gunn Tür Poster –  An other blacklight collabo w/ Jason Killinger. Hoist at the gigs, or online after.
Nothing – Tür Poster – part 2.  w/ Citizen, Culture Abuse, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler.   D.C.,  Philly,  NYC,  Brooklyn
– Nothing – Tür Poster – Part 1.  w/ Culture Abuse & Wrong.

May 4, 2016

– A few recent flyers for some Igneous Eyes shows. grip at the gigs for cheap. or possibly somewhere in the near future online or at a local shoppe.


– “Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart.” – Jeremy Bentham  
                     (creator of the oppressive – Panopticon)

February 2, 2016

– some recent prints from drawing/painting collabos with Jason Killinger.
Spacin’ • Beat Jams • Igneous Eyes – Bond Villain 2/13 – (3) colors. edition: 50
Spacin’ – “Total Freedom” – blacklight record cover. (3) colors. edition: 500
Spacin’ – “Total Freedom” – Record Release show blacklight poster. (3) colors. edition: 50

November 16, 2015

earth_2377_photo_8 – Updated full color screenprinted version of this future world. Earth 2377: Tomorrow Sphere. 1st time fully printed because of insane miniscule lines & wildly tight registration. But I threw down these 5 colors, and it came out pretty spot on. This ongoing future saga was quickened from the original date of Earth 3000. As the planet becomes more insane, this realm will morph and change to predict possible futures, and unknown catastrophes. Be informed! Grip it today and handle the Earth 2377 manual guidebook as well. 2 colorways. edition: 100. (5) colors. 20 x 26. grout grey French Paper.